Chaz’s Bio

Chaz is a NCSF Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fight and Blast Group Exercise Instructor, TRX Suspension (STC, GSTC, SMSTC) and RIP Training (RTC) Qualified Instructor and has an educational background in Exercise Science.


Chaz specializes in functional and sport specific training with TRX and RIP training systems. Sports specific to those requiring rotational and upper body movement; such as tennis, golf, skiing, swimming, hockey and lacrosse. Whether your need be sport performance, a walk-to-run program to complete your first 5k, injury rehabilitation or just getting you on the right track with classic motivation – Chaz is your guy!!


When Chaz is not training one-on-one or instructing a small group he can be found helping others add MUSCLE and subtract FAT on the Circuit or making unhappy backs happy in our MedX Healthy Back and Neck Program. However, in his free time he enjoys candle lit dinners while indulging in fine wine, long walks on the beach and watching the sunset from a picturesque grassy knoll.


“I believe when exercise is made fun it becomes easier to make it a permanent part of our lives, helping us to stay active and healthy forever. If you haven’t already found fun in exercise, need direction toward a specific goal or just wish to step out of your comfort zone and push a little further, allow me to help you!!”