Group Centergy


Group Centergy OCT17

Hip mobility from beginning to end!
Loved the Spiraling Lunges!
These Warrior Squats are no joke!
Fluid beauty in the flow of Balance!

Group Centergy JUL17

Fluid focus three-dimensional training
Awesome, intricate, and connected.
Challenge is a sneak attack on the legs!
Elton John + Spirals = Magical.

Group Centergy APR17

3D movement steps outside the box!
Sun Warrior flow was athletic and graceful.
The Sound Of Silence in Folds.
A big Clap Snap for Core FRONT!

Group Centergy  is an athletic mind-body program including fundamentals from yoga and Pilates set to emotive music.

For participants … Invigorating experience.
Group Centergy is a perfect way to improve balance, mobility, flexibility, and strength. It puts back all that we take out and really centers your energy. It’s ideal to be your workout of choice or add it once a week to your current workouts to reinvigorate the mind and body.

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Monday’s: 4:30pm

Tuesday’s: 7:30pm

Wednesday’s: 6:30pm

Thursday’s: 10:30am

Saturday’s: 11:30am