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The following links connect you with surprising fitness and health information you should be aware of. Click on the links below each description.


Arthritis Brochure                                              (click here)

Shares the latest scientific information about osteoarthritis along with how to relieve the pain and avoid surgery.   


Aspirin Prevents Cancer                                   (click here)

Researchers have found that baby aspirin reduces the chances of developing cancer and helps reduce the chances of recurrence. This article summarizes this amazing discovery. 


Cancer WellFit brochure       (click here)

Exercises from proven to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy.  At Mike Arteaga’s we offer a completely free three month program to all cancer patients.  Check this brochure for more information.                       


Cardio Vascular Exercise (CV) brochure    (click here)

There are two kind of exercise that are essential for good health cardiovascular and strengthening. This brochure details the benefits plus the how’s and whys of cardio exercise.


Cartilage Surgery May Cause Arthritis!         (click here)

Patients without the osteoarthritis who underwent meniscal surgery highly increase their risk of developing osteoarthritis. This surprising article summarizes the research and the findings.



Common Injuries and The Machines for  Rehabilitation.                                                                                  (click here)

This article lists some of the most common injuries, the specific rehab machine we have for that injury and the basics of how the begin.  All our equipment requires specific settings whether for fitness or rehabilitation we always recommit beginning with a free appointment with one of our trainers.


Diabetes brochure                        (click here)

According to leading researchers almost 100% of type two diabetes is preventable and curable without medication. Learn the surprising facts about diabetes.


Do it yourself cardiac bypass                     (click here)

This amazing article from the Harvard Health Letter demonstrates how exercise can induce a natural bypass of clogged arteries.


Fat Loss brochure                                      (click here)

A “diet” only “worked” if the weight stays off.  This brochure explains why many people go on diet after diet without success as well as how to lose body fat and keeping it off.


Knee Pain Brochure                           (click here)

This brochure details the most current scientifically based information on how to reduce or eliminate knee pain form a multitude of knee problems.


Leg Extension is Essential for Healthy Knees.     (click here)

Leg extensions are essential for knee rehabilitation and knee health. This article summarizes the current research on their use and safety.


MedX Strengthening Machines, What Makes Them Superior?                                                           (click here)

This article explains what is unique about the MedX equipment.


MedX how to videos                                   (click here)

MedX machines are the most advanced strengthening machines in the world but to achieve the best results they need to be adjusted specifically for each individual.  This is a collection of short videos demonstrating the proper use of each MedX strengthening machine.  We encourage everyone to set at least one free appointment with our trainers to establish the proper settings.


Muscles and the Machines Specifically designed for Strengthening them.                                   (click here)

At Mike Arteaga’s we have the most complete collection of strengthening and rehabilitation equipment in the New York.

These two articles detail what machines are designed for which muscle. 1) The first article lists the muscles and the machines specifically for them. 2) The second article lists the machines and the muscles each was built to strengthen.


Osteopenia is it a disease?                                 (click here)

This shocking article discusses the misinformation that abounds concerning the testing for osteopenia, osteoporosis and the efforts to get people on to another very questionable medication.



Osteoporosis brochure                                        (click here)

We consume more calcium than any other nation in the world, why do we have the highest rate of bone fracture?  This brochure summarizes the scientific facts.


Shoulder brochure                                              (click here)

The shoulder joint is tremendous mobile which makes it extremely vulnerable.  This brochure brochure explains how to safe guard your shoulder and how to rehab it if you have had an injury.


Strengthening exercise what are the facts         (click here)

Most strength training programs even in those from the authoritative organizations in the fitness industry conflict with one another and have no scientific basis the research.  This article summarizes the scientific evidence relating to strength training.


Steroid injections for the back, “Do Not Use”.    (click here)

Public services Prescription Newsletter as list steroid injections for my back and neck as “a do not use” drug.  due to the serious side effects and deaths.  This article from their newsletter details their concern.


Strengthening brochure.                                    (click here)

There are two kinds of exercise essential for good health and cardiovascular and strengthening. This brochure details the benefits, basic principles and keys to successful strengthening program.


Useless Surgery! Spinal fusion, kyphoplasty and meniscus surgery are still being performed?  (click here)

Click on this link is to the New York Times article on useless surgeries.          


Video from The 20/20 abc News Show. Interviews with Icons of Health and Exercise Research.                    (click here)

John Stossel interviews the “father of aerobics” along with other leaders in exercise research, about healthy aging, types of exercise and osteoporosis. Produced in the 80s, amazingly much of this information still has not reach many in the health and  medical community.


Welcome brochure                                             (click here)

This is an introduction to Michael Arteaga’s health and fitness centers answering many frequently asked questions from what to expect your first day, to help setting and achieving your goals.



23 1/2 hours                                                (click here)

This is a clever short inspirational video presentation on the importance of exercise for your health.