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Useless Surgery

This link is to a NY Times article on useless surgery and why it is still popular.

Useless Surgery Article


20/20 News Lifting for Life Video

An enlightening video report from the 20/20 news show that quickly covers the importance of strengthening exercise for health longevity and for reversing osteoporosis. Produced in the 80’s, amazingly, most of this information still hasn’t reached the general population.


Arthritis (brochure also available)

The pain of arthritis can be reduced and often eliminated without drugs according to leading researchers. The right kind of exercise is the key.

Arthritis Brochure


Aspirin Fighting Cancer

Recently new research has confirmed that aspirin reduces the chances of developing cancer and helps reduce the chance of reoccurrence. This article summarizes this amazing discovery. It is tragic that this information is not being shouted from the rooftops.

Aspirin Fighting Cancer


Cancer Well Fit (brochure also available)

Exercise has been proven to reduce the side-effects of chemotherapy. At Mike Arteaga’s our Cancer Well Fit program makes free memberships available to cancer patients.

Cancer Well-Fit Brochure


Cardio Exercise (brochure also available)

There are two kinds of exercise that are essential for good health cardiovascular and strengthening. This brochure details the hows and whys of cardio exercise.

Cardio Brochure


Diabetes (brochure also available)

According to leading researchers almost 100% of type 2 diabetes is preventable and curable without medication. Learn the facts about diabetes.

Diabetes Brochure


Do-it-yourself Cardiac By-pass

This article from The Harvard Heart Letter demonstrates exercise induced by-pass of clogged arteries.

"Do It Yourself" Article Do Not Use Steroid Injections for Back Pain


Public Citizen prescription newsletter has listed steroid injections for back or neck pain as “Do Not Use” due to serious side effects and deaths.  This article summarizes their position.

Steriod Injections


Eliminate Knee Pain (brochure also available)

Presents the scientifically based facts about how to reduce or eliminate knee pain from arthritis or knee injury.

Eliminate Knee Pain Brochure


Fat loss (brochure also available)

So many people go on diet after diet without success. This brochure helps to explain and eliminate a number of common mistakes that stand in the way of reducing body fat and keeping it off.

Fat Loss Brochure


Leg Extension for Knee Rehabilitation

Leg extension exercises are essential for knee rehabilitation. This article summarizes the current research on their use and safety.

Leg Extension for Knee Rehab Article


MedX Machines Article

MedX Machines Article


MedX How to Videos

MedX machines re the most advanced strengthening machines in the world but to achieve the best results, proper positioning and form on each machine is a must. This is a collection of short videos demonstrating the proper use of each MedX strengthening machine.

MedX Videos


Cartilage Surgery May Cause Arthritis!
We found that patients without knee osteoarthritis who underwent meniscal surgery highly increased their risk for developing osteoarthritis and cartilage. This article summarizes this research and its findings.
Meniscal Surgery Developing Arthritis


Osteoporosis (brochure also available)

We consume more calcium than any other nation in the world, why do we have the highest rate of bone fractures? Learn the scientific facts.

Osteoperosis Brochure


Strengthening Exercise What Are The Proven Facts

Many strength training programs, even those from the “authoritative” organizations in the fitness industry conflict with one another and have no scientific basis. This research study reveals the factual scientific evidence relating to strength training.

Strength Training and Arthur Jones


Shoulder (brochure also available)

The shoulder joint’s tremendous mobility makes it unique! Check out the brochure!

Shoulder Brochure


Strengthening (brochure also available)

There are two kinds of exercise that are essential for good health cardiovascular and strengthening. This brochure details the benefits and keys to a successful strengthening program.

Strengthening Brochure


Welcome (brochure also available)

This is an introduction to Mike Arteaga’s Health and Fitness Centers answering many frequently asked questions, from what to expect your first day to help setting and achieving your goals.

Welcome Brchoure


23 and Half Hours

A clever short inspirational video presentation on exercise and health.

23 and a half hours video