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Experts agree – the MedX Healthy Back & Neck Program really works!

MedX Lumbar and Cervical Program

Welcome to our MedX Healthy Back & Neck Program


Twenty five years ago, I suffered with crippling back pain from a couple of severely herniated discs and was told I had to have surgery. Having seen many failed back surgeries, I was determined to avoid it if possible.  In exploring the alternatives, I learned about the MedX Healthy Back and Neck Program. To research it I flew to the University Of Florida Medical School where extensive research was being conducted. My first session on the machine with their staff confirmed to my amazement, that despite years of exercise, my back was extremely weak.


They explained that this was normal, once someone had a back injury the body unconsciously begins substituting other muscles, causing the back muscles to deteriorate. They told me their research confirmed that the MedX machines isolated and dramatically strengthened the muscles on the spine. When isolated and exercised properly they found that the spine muscles strengthened very rapidly stabilizing the spine, reducing or eliminating back pain.


I was terrified my life would never be the same! From being healthy and very active I felt my back problem would hinder me for the rest of my life.  I thought what have I got to lose?  I decided to start the program with the hope that some day I could possibly become somewhat better.  To my amazement, I was able to get back to playing racquetball, skiing, and doing all the things I love to do!


My dream was to bring the program to Poughkeepsie for my own back and to help others who suffer with the same feelings of frustration and despair that serious back pain creates. I was eventually able to locate some MedX machines for substantially less then the normal $50,000 purchase price, which made my dream possible. Then, I along with a number of our staff were trained as technicians at the University of Florida Medical School.


I wanted the price for our Healthy Back and Neck Program to be low enough that anyone could afford it!  While most MedX clinics charge $50 to $150 per session, I am thrilled that we have been able to charge $16 to $19 a session.  (My son in LA and brother in Boston pay $50 a session)  We chose not to deal with health insurance companies, since most insurance co-pays are at least $20, people would actually be paying more.


Our two locations in the Poughkeepsie and Highland clubs have over the last ten years, helped thousands of back and neck pain sufferers, with some driving from over an hour away.


If you believe surgery is your last or only option to treat your nagging back or neck pain, I encourage you to call us for information about our Healthy Back and Neck Program. Our program is non invasive and is certainly worth trying before risking surgery.  Call 452-5050 in Poughkeepsie or 691-6161 in Highland.


-Mike Arteaga



How does it work?

The key to treating back or neck problems is to get to the source of the problem, which is the weakened spine muscles. The latest research shows that the muscles on the spine are potentially the strongest muscles in the body. When strengthened, these muscles effectively provide a natural back brace that is far superior to any other support.

The Program

MedX Healthy Back and Neck is an ongoing strengthening program that begins with a 50-minute assessment, during which your pain-free range of motion and current strength levels are tested. Based on the computer evaluation, a very conservative starting point is determined, and the first exercise session is performed. Initially the schedule will consist of two sessions per week, gradually decreasing the frequency to once a week and then moving to once every 3 to 4 weeks as your progress dictates.




                                  For more information call

 Poughkeepsie  452-5050          Highland 691-6161

For more information and research about MedX, check out Physicians Neck & Back Center’s website:  Link to PNBC Online