MedX Fitness Circuit

 Our MedX Equipment

                          We are one of a few gyms in the country that has invested in the MedX equipment, theDSC_0432 best strengthening equipment on the market.  The MedX equipment was developed from the most extensive research ever conducted on muscle strength development and rehabilitation. It incorporates a number of breakthrough innovations that were previously unavailable on any exercise equipment and produces faster results with less overall training time.


Some of these innovations are:

      1. Full range strengthening for each muscle. This strengthens each muscle in every position they move through so there are no weak areas that are vulnerable to injury.
      2. 85% of the typical machine friction was removed with a revolutionary new lever design.
      3. 2 lb. resistance increments making very small increases possible, to better suit the body’s strength increases.
      4. When performed correctly it provides high intensity training that works the entire body in 25 minutes or less.
      5. Dramatically reduce momentum, so that more of the muscle fiber is stimulated, producing faster results.
      6. Ergonomic seat and pad design with a multitude of adjustments to better suit different body proportions.

These are just a few of the features the MedX machines have, that make it unquestionably the best strengthening equipment in the world. It’s ideal for rehabilitation, muscle strengthening for athletes or general fitness and health. We are proud to bring you this outstanding strengthening equipment.

Even if you are an experienced exerciser, we recommend a free appointment with one of our trainers to get started. They set each machine specifically for you, to make sure you get the full benefit from this remarkable equipment.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Mike Arteaga