Personal Training

Our Personal Trainers

Your trainer will work one-on-one with you in order to help you achieve your goals. With motivation, instruction, and knowledge, we’ll safely lead you through your workout routine, assessing your progress and providing immediate, dynamic, and relevant feedback.

How Does it Work?

The first time you meet with your trainer, they will take you through a series of health and fitness assessments designed to determine your current fitness level, establish realistic goals, and prepare a custom workout program for you.

Who are the Personal Trainers?

Our personal training team is made up of educated health and fitness profressionals, all nationally certified and Mike Arteaga certified and trained. They will emphasize safety and effectiveness throughout all workouts. Click below to read their bio’s.

Ronn Sprague

Becky Imperati

Marianne Petralia

Erica Woolley

Clarence Devens

Michelle Demczar

Personal Training Rates

Number of sessions Package Price Price per Sessions
#1 Single $65.00 $65.00
#2 3 $180.00 $60.00
#3 6 $342.00 $57.00
#4 12 $648.00 $54.00
#5 24 $1,200.00 $50.00